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Exterior iron railings, iron fence or iron gates are an attractive addition to any property. In order to keep your exterior iron railings looking good, they will require maintenance. To ensure that your iron gates and fences always look beautiful, keep these maintenance tips in mind.


Regular cleaning of dust and dirt will ensure longevity as it will remove any dirt that could scratch the paint. 

You can simply wipe down the railings will a damp micro fibre cloth or use household dish soap and mix it with water.  Ensure you dry your railing completely after cleaning it.

Rust Removal, Preventative Measures, Priming & Painting (non-glavanized)

If your exterior railings have not been galvanized you should regularly check for rust spots. You can take steps to minimize the damage. 

First you should use wet or dry sandpaper or steel wool/brush to remove the rust. Clean the area thoroughly ensuring no debris is left on the bare iron. 

The next step would be to apply some liquid wax. Follow the instructions on the wax and allow it to dry for curing/buffing/cleaning it. Then you need to primer and paint as per below.

Priming and Painting

Apply a rust inhibiting primer onto the iron and allow it to dry.  Once the primer has dried, you may then apply the paint. Apply two coats of paint specific for metal surfaces. Spray paint is the preferred method. Be sure to get all the crevices and bends. 

Remember, regular maintenance as above will keep your railings lasting longer and looking beautiful. 

Hot Dipped Galvanized Railings

​The galvanizing is the process to protect metal (primarily steel) from corrosion.  The process basically involves cleaning the metal then dipping it into a vat of molten zinc.  The multiple layers of zinc that form from this process prevent the underlying steel from corrosion.  The zinc does more than just coat the metal, it metallurgically bonds to it, actually becoming part of it.  These layers of zinc dissolve at a very slow rate (acting as a sacrificial layer). This  layer of zinc inhibits rust, providing decades of protection to the underlying iron work.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Railings:

-Relatively low cost compared to using nonferrous (non rusting) metals like stainless steel or aluminum.
-Low maintenance, coatings can last longer than non galvanized iron railings
-Durable, and more scratch resistant.
- Thick coating prevents rusting from scratches or abrasions 
-Since during the hot dip process, the iron work is completely immersed in the molten zinc, the insides of tubing and interior crevasses of scroll ironwork get protected.

-Can be painted or powder coated over the galvanized coating to enhance the beauty and add even more corrosion protection.

* galvanized railings can be free from rust for periods for many years assuming no damage or modifications have been made and exposed the railings. In some rare cases railings may rust pre maturely without explanation. There are no warranty periods on on rusting on galvanized railings. 

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